Registration is closed

The registration deadline has passed and registration and abstract submission is closed since 27/5 -2014. You can check the status of your registration and abstract in our registration system.

Sponsored registration fee

Thanks to the kind sponsoring of the conference by different sponsors we are able to offer a sponsored participation fee until the end of the registration period. This fee is at the same level as the previous “early-bird” rate.


The registrations for this conference are processed with the conference management system digitalpapers.

You get access to the system by creating a user account here.

With this user account you can log in to the conference management system at any time to check the status of your submission and registration. It is also in the conference management system that you upload your abstract and proceed with the registration and the payment.

Registration Fees
Registration fees include: admission to all conference sessions; conference materials; admission to the Welcome Dinner 16th of June; coffee breaks, lunches and dinners according to the schedule from June 17-19; poster sessions in the historical orangery of the Linné Garden.
The registration fee covers also housing as selected by you during the registration process. Rooms will be provided in the category you booked (Single room, part in Double room, part in Triple room) at First Hotel Linné. Breakfast is included with the room. If you don’t need a room at the hotel you can also register to the conference without a room.

The fees for the different room categories are:

Single room* Double room* Triple room* No room No room (Linnean Centre stipend)
Sponsored fee (normal) 6700 SEK* 5300 SEK* 5000 SEK* 3500 SEK 1500 SEK
SPPS member -300 SEK
Lowest fee 6400 SEK* 5000 SEK* 4700 SEK* 3200 SEK 1200 SEK

* Bookings including room are not longer possible. You may of course book with us only the conference and book a room yourself at the hotel.

Travel Documentation
In order to obtain a Swedish visitor’s visa, international attendees may request a letter of invitation from the SPPS PhD conference committee once their registration and payment are completed. It is attendee’s sole responsibility that they obtain the visa from proper government authorities well in advance before making travel plans. If your visa is denied, we will refund your registration fees without penalty. Please contact the Swedish embassy if you are in doubt if you need a visa and how to apply for it. Most European participants probably don’t need a visa.

The abstract of the scientific project presented at the conference is sent in during the registration process. The organizing committee decides based on the abstract about the talks given by the participants. Abstract submission deadline is May 26th. The participants selected to give a talk will be notified in good time. In order for your abstract to be considered without delay, it is extremely important that you submit using the following criteria:

  • Submit your abstract in English in 12 point Arial font.
  • The body of the abstract will be single spaced, with a 12 point space between the title, authors, affiliations and the body of the abstract.
  • Full justify your abstract.
  • Bold the title and underline the presenting author (please note that the author who will present the paper or poster must be designated as the presenting author).
  • Keep the title to within 200 characters (~25 words)
  • The title will be followed by the name, organizational affiliation and email address of each author
  • Please do not type your title in all caps.
  • Use full names for authors.
  • The primary affiliation should be listed for each author.
  • Abstract bodies must be less than 2000 characters (including spaces), which is about 300 words.
  • Save the document as Word Document and upload it through our conference management system (Registration link above)

Registration Terms, Procedures and Contact
1. Payment is possible through bank transfer and as credit card payment through paypal. During the registration process you will be provided with our bank details and the option to pay through paypal directly. Please transfer the money within 7 days. In case of late payment you will not be guaranteed a place on the conference.  If you register during the “early bird” phase but don’t pay the fee within 7 days after the early bird period is closed you shall pay the full price.

2. Full Registration is open until May 15, 2014. After this only registrations without room are possible.

3. For members of SPPS the registration fee is reduced by 300 SEK.

4. PhD students from institutes associated with the Linnean Centre for Plant Biology in Uppsala (i.e. from SLU Uppsala and Uppsala University) are entitled to register for a “no-room” arrangement with a special discounted price (see table above).

5. Confirmation – Your registration and payment will be confirmed by an automatic email. Please use this confirmation as your registration receipt. If you don’t receive the notification please check your spam-folder or contact us by email.

6. Cancellation Policy – Registration cancellations or revisions must be submitted in writing by email to or through the conference management system. No refunds will be issued for cancellations received after May 15, 2014.

7. Letters of Invitation to the Conference: A letter of invitation is issued solely for the purpose of assisting participants with visa applications and/or to obtain funding for their attendance at the conference. Such a letter does not imply any financial obligation on the part of the conference organizers. If you require a letter of invitation, please contact the SPPS PhD conference committee at Please note that your registration must be complete and paid in full before an invitation letter will be issued. If your entry visa to Sweden is denied, we will refund your registration payment in full without penalty.

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