Travel grants

SPPS will offer travel grants for our conference.

  • To be eligible to apply for the grant you need to be member of SPPS for the year of the conference and the previous year (e.g. become a member 2013 to get the travel grant for the 8th SPPS PhD students conference 2014) or has paid a five year membership.
  • Travel grant applications should include travel plan with estimated costs, purpose of the travel, the contact information of the referee and CV.
  • You can also apply for costs for accommodation. Please check with SPPS for the maximum amount.
  • Active participation in the meeting (oral or poster presentation) is required for the travel grant. At the 8th SPPS PhD students conference all PhD student participants will have the chance to present a poster or give an oral presentation.

For more information on the SPPS grants, check their website or contact the Secretary General or SPPS office.